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T8828C ss

T8828C ss
T8828C ss T8828C ss T8828C ss
Brand: Miele
Product Code: T8828C ss
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  • Miele T8828C condenser tumble dryer
  • The T8828c tumble dryer is equipped with a 7kg Miele patented honeycomb drum, which with its hexagonal structure creates air pockets to gently catch and cushion the laundry as it tumbles resulting in your clothing needing less ironing and more even drying results.
  • The Miele T8828c tumble dryer has drum reverse action that changes direction at irregular inetervals ensuring that the laundry is thoroughly dried and means your clothing does not roll into a ball.
  • T8828c has Miele`s Perfect dry system which provides uniformed drying results even with varying water quality. The residual moisture in the laundry is monitored by an electronic moisture censor which adjustes the drying time accordingly.
  • The tumble dryer is fitted with a large capacity water container resulting in the appliance not having to be emptied as frequently, the container also has a practical spout making it easy to carry and empty without any spillage.
  • T8828c has a indicator light which will illuminate letting you know when the condenser container needs emptied.
  • Miele condenser dryers have a patented water outlet convenietly located at the back of the machine, can be set up to drain the condensed water directly away avoiding the need to empty the water container, it is easy to convert the machine back to using the container whenever you wish.
  • Miele has cleverly designed sound insulation making the T8828c tumble dryer extremely quiet when in operation.
    T8828c tumble dryer has 2 easily accessable fluff filters that are simple and convenient to clean.
  • Dimensions H85cm W59.5cm D58.7cm
  • Free delivery within Scotland (mon-Fri)



All Miele appliances will give exceptional performance and are tested for up to 20 years of average use.


Energy efficiency

Miele has achieved top marks in European comparison tests no less than 3 times: For low energy consumption and outstanding wash spin and drying performance.

Drum style


The slightly sculptured surface structure of the patented Miele honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water or air which gently cushions and protects your laundry.


Perfect Dry

Perfectly dry – neither damp nor over-dried. Miele’s Perfect Dry function on sensor controlled drying programmes measures the residual moisture in the load as well as the conductivity level of the water to gauge exactly when the laundry is perfectly dry.


Warm air condensates, and the water is collected in a drawer at the front of the machine. If you prefer you can pump away the water out through the drain.

Miele Quality Guarantee

Miele Quality Guarantee

10 year guarantee on stainless steel drum and lifters. 10 year guarantee on motor. Lifetime guarantee on door hinge, anti corrosion and yellowing.

Drum size


The load capacity of this appliance


Delay start

This feature allows you to delay the start of programme by up to 24 hours on some models. Allowing your appliance time to fit in with your lifestyle.

Woollens handcare

Although this is not a drying programme, it will fluff up the fibres in woollen garments and give them back their bounce.


The Express programme is designed to dry cotton fabrics in the quickest time possible