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DG 6400

DG 6400
DG 6400
Brand: Miele
Product Code: DG 6400
Availability: In Stock
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Built-in steam oven

with clear text display and retractable controls for easy operation

  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology
  • Simultaneous cooking on 3 levels without flavour transfer
  • Particularly flexible and efficient thanks to extra large trays
  • Success guaranteed - intelligent automatic programmes
  • Convenient controls - DirectControl


Type of appliance    
Built-in steam oven  
Display   DirectContol
Retractable dials  
Gourmet advantages    
Precise temperature regulation from 40-100°C  
Menu cooking with no transfer of flavours between different foods  
Automatic programmes with programmable level of doneness  
Keeping warm function  
Automatic programmes  
Steam cooking  
Convenience features    
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels  
Automatic menu cooking   -
Steam reduction at end of programme  
Clock display / Date display / Minute minder   •/•/•
Start-Stop programming  
Actual temperature display / Recommended temperatures   •/•
User programmes / Programmable settings   20/•
Appliance door    
CleanGlass door / ClearView door   •/•
Door hinging   below
Oven cavity    
Oven cavity volume in l   38
Number of shelf levels   4
Usable surface area on each level   1/3GN+1/2GN
MultiSteam module / MultiSteam module with LED lighting   -/•
Easy maintenance    
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish (Cleansteel appliances only)  
External steam generator  
Floor heater for condensate reduction  
Automatic descaling programme  
Steam technology and water supply    
MultiSteam / MonoSteam   •/-
Water container for approx. 90 minutes steam cooking  
Water container with steam generator / Fresh water container   -/•
Appliance cooling system and Cool front  
Safety switch-off / System lock   •/•
Door contact switch  
Technical data    
Niche dimensions in mm (W x H x D)*   560-568 x 450 x 550
Total connected load in kW / Voltage in V / Fuse rating in A   3.4 /230 / 20
Accessories supplied    
Perforated stainless steel containers / Solid stainless steel containers   3/0
Rack / Condensate tray   1/1
Cookery book