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DG 6100

DG 6100
DG 6100
Brand: Miele
Product Code: DG 6100
Availability: In Stock
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Built-in steam oven

with minimalist display and integrated sensor controls for easy operation

  • Perfect results thanks to MultiSteam technology
  • Simultaneous cooking on 3 levels without flavour transfer
  • Particularly flexible and efficient thanks to extra large trays
  • Success guaranteed - intelligent automatic programmes
  • Easy cleaning with flush control panel
Type of appliance    
Freestanding steam oven   -
Built-in steam oven  
Display   EasySensor
Retractable dials   -
Gourmet advantages    
Precise temperature regulation from 40-100°C  
Menu cooking with no transfer of flavours between different foods  
Automatic programmes with programmable level of doneness  
Keeping warm function   -
Automatic programmes   • (veg)
Steam cooking  
Defrosting   -
Reheating   -
Convenience features    
Steam cooking on up to 3 levels  
Automatic menu cooking   -
Steam reduction at end of programme  
Clock display / Date display / Minute minder   -/-/-
Start-Stop programming   -
Actual temperature display / Recommended temperatures   •/-
User programmes / Programmable settings   -/•
Appliance door    
CleanGlass door / ClearView door   •/•
Door hinging   below
Oven cavity    
Oven cavity volume in l   38
Number of shelf levels   4
Usable surface area on each level   1/3GN+1/2GN
MultiSteam module / MultiSteam module with LED lighting   •/-
Easy maintenance    
Stainless steel front with CleanSteel finish  
External steam generator  
Floor heater for condensate reduction  
Automatic descaling programme  
Steam technology and water supply    
MultiSteam / MonoSteam   •/-
Water container for approx. 90 minutes steam cooking  
Water container with steam generator / Fresh water container   -/•
Appliance cooling system and Cool front  
Safety switch-off / System lock   •/-
Door contact switch  
Technical data    
Niche dimensions in mm (W x H)   560-568 x 450 x 550
Total connected load in kW / Voltage in V / Fuse rating in A   3.6 /230 / 20
Accessories supplied    
Perforated stainless steel containers / Solid stainless steel containers   3/0
Rack / Condensate tray   1/1
Cookery book